Spain holidays: Simple moves banned in Spanish hotels under tough new hygiene rules

Spain holidays won’t be the same in a post-coronavirus world. New measures that Spanish hotels will need to take and enforce have been revealed. British holidaymakers will have to be prepared for a plethora of changes when they can eventually return to Spanish shores.


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Health experts from the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality have published extensive compulsory requirements for hotels.

If the properties can comply they will be able to fully reopen.

Hosbec – the hotel association for the Costa Blanca and Valencia – has also issued a more comprehensive report with guidelines, reported Rita Sobot, writing for The Sun.

The list of new rules is extensive and applies to both hotel guests and employees.

These are just some of the rules that will apply.

When guests arrive at hotels to sign in they will no longer be able to borrow pens from staff.

If they have no other choice, the implement will be disinfected after every use.

Another surprising no-no is leaving dirty clothes and towels on the floor of your hotel room.

These will instead have to be placed in a sealed bag to be collected by housekeeping  – who will put them into a second sealed bag.

Holidaymakers will also not be able to share books under the strict new rules.

They can only do so if the book can be properly disinfected.

If not, the tome will have to go into quarantine for a week.


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According to Sobot, there will also be no oils, pepper or salt in the restaurants for communal use.

Social distancing is, of course, a high priority.

In the eating areas, guests will have to sit apart.

Meanwhile, only groups travelling together can use the lift at any one time.

Cleaning around the hotels has also been dramatically ramped up.

Luggage will have to be wiped down and disinfected if a member of staff carries your luggage.

Communal toilets will be cleaned at six times a day.

Even keys and room cards will be disinfected daily, with guests banned from taking them outside the hotel. 

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