Table for one – the ultimate coronavirus-resistant restaurant

The ultimate coronavirus-resistant restaurant welcomes its first guest: Eaterie in Sweden serves one customer at a time, with the food and drink arriving in a basket on a pulley

  • The pop-up restaurant is located in a meadow and is 50 yards from the kitchen 
  • The restaurant is called Bord for En, which means Table for One in English 
  • It will be up to guests to decide how much they pay for their three-course meal 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

There’s no need to worry about social distancing at this restaurant, because it only accepts one diner at a time. 

A pop-up eaterie has opened in a meadow in Sweden with just one table and one chair – and has welcomed its first guest.  

The restaurant in Ransäter – named Bord for En, which is Table for One in English – has no waiters and the food is delivered to the table in a basket from the kitchen window via a pulley system.

The Swedish pop-up restaurant in a meadow that has just one table and one chair 

Upon arrival, the guest is guided to the table by another rope that leads into the meadow. 

‘Once the rope ends, there’s the chair and the table,’ chef Rasmus Persson said, adding that the first basket to arrive at the table would carry a drink.

The table is located 50 yards away from the house Persson shares with his partner, Linda Karlsson, where the food is cooked, and they will only accept one guest per day.

The three-course menu will vary from day-to-day, but a sample menu on the restaurant’s website reveals that dishes could include ‘Swedish style hash brown, smetana, seaweed caviar and wood plucked sorrel’, ‘yellow carrot-ginger puree, browned hazelnut butter, sweet corn croquettes and serpent root ash’ and ‘ginned blueberries, iced buttermilk and viola sugar from our own beets’.

It will be up to guests to decide how much they pay for their three-course meal.

According to Travel and Leisure, once a customer leaves, the table will be left as it is for six hours before being sanitised.

Guests will be asked to leave their dishes in a container and they will be washed twice by the couple before they are used again.

Upon arrival, the guest is guided to the table by a rope that leads into the meadow

Persson said he and his partner had the idea for the restaurant when her parents came to visit in March and he prepared a table for them outside and served a meal through a window.

He added: ‘I think one of the things many of us miss the most in these times is travelling.

‘Since we can’t geographically travel far I think at least by our minds we can travel and one of the best methods of having an inner travel, at least I think so, is by food and nature.’ 

Restaurants in Sweden have, unlike in many other countries, been allowed to stay open during the Covid-19 pandemic provided they observe social distancing guidelines.

The solo restaurant is fully booked through May, while some slots are still available in June and July, and they have weather protection for rainy days, Karlsson said.

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