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Can I get my money back from BA and can we visit Spain soon? The Holiday Guru answers YOUR travel questions

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This week issues tackled include claiming a refund on British Airways flights and the rules for travelling to amber list countries.

Q. I booked British Airways flights to San Jose in California to visit grandchildren. These were cancelled. We rebooked. Another cancellation. We took a voucher. Now flights cost £1,800 more. We want a refund, but none is forthcoming. Can you help? 

Andy Stephens, via email. 

One reader booked flights with BA to San Jose in California but these were repeatedly cancelled, they took a voucher and now the price has gone up

A. Sadly not. BA says once you accept a voucher no refund is possible. It adds that price increases are down to ‘supply and demand’. As you put it when we explained, this is ‘just so wrong’. 

Q. I have heard we can travel to Spain soon. Is this true? 

Kate Collins, Manchester. 

A. It is. Spain announced yesterday that British holidaymakers will be welcome from Monday, May 24.  Unlike most destinations, travellers will not be required to present a negative PCR test to gain entry but must fill in an FCS Health Control Form (at before departure. 

One reader is eager to know about the likelihood of travelling to Spain soon 

As Spain is on the UK’s amber list, you will have to take a lateral flow test before flying home, and quarantine on return for ten days, taking Covid tests on days two and eight (more information at . 

Q. I booked an Azamara cruise along the Dalmatian coast for August. Our flights, part of a package deal, have been cancelled and we’ve been offered a refund. But the full balance for the cruise is due shortly and we’re being told we will lose our deposit if we do not pay. Any advice? 

Roz Forster, via email. 

The Holiday Guru helps one reader claim a refund on an Azamara cruise along the Dalmatian coast that was cancelled 

A. If you book a package holiday and flights are cancelled without alternatives offered, your holiday has effectively been cancelled and you are due a refund in 14 days under the Package Travel Regulations. 

If this is not forthcoming and you paid on a credit card, make a Section 75 claim. If you used a debit card, use the ‘­Chargeback’ scheme from your bank. 


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