The monolith mystery continues: More copycat structures pop up in Pittsburgh and England

The monolith saga continues. 

More monoliths were spotted over the weekend in England and Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvania version is the sixth overall since hikers discovered a 10-foot-tall structure last month in Utah.

Photos taken outside Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in Pittsburgh on Sunday show a 3-sided metal sculpture similar to those spotted in Romania, California and Nevada.

 But unlike the ones before it, there’s no mystery behind Pittsburgh’s monolith: The candy store shared on social media that they built it as a “gimmick” to “remind everyone to support small businesses.” 

“We are honored by the overwhelming positive response to the hundreds of people who drove to the Strip today to take a selfie and see our ‘monolith,’ ” the store’s owners added in a Facebook post on Saturday. “We thank everyone for their continued support and hope this provided a little comic relief during such a difficult time.”

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