The most popular countries for British expats ‘sick of the gloomy weather’ have been named

Spain: British expats face threat of return to UK warns expert

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British expats may congregate in Spain and Portugal, but the southern European countries are not the only places Britons move to. In fact, Portugal doesn’t appear in the top 10 countries for British expats, and Spain doesn’t make the top three.

Deciding on a country to move to can be a difficult decision.

British expats may be looking for better weather, a better work/ life balance or simply fall in love with their holiday destination.

Popular Spain only came up fourth in a top 10 of countries Britons move to.

While Spain is popular, it is not the country with the most British expats.

The country which came top for Britons was Australia.

British expat Tracy lives in Brisbane and moved to Australia as she was “sick of the gloomy weather in the UK”.

Her experience was positive, and she said: “Australians are used to people wanting to live here and seem happy to welcome us.”

There are over 1,200,000 British expats in Australia, with most considering the East Coast cities of Melbourne and Sydney for their new homes.

Coming second with over 700,000 British expats was the USA and in third place with over 500,000 Britons was Canada.

North America is popular with British expats looking for a change of scenery.

Both the USA and Canada also have the added bonus of being English-speaking country, removing the language barrier that may be present in other countries on the list.

In fourth place was Spain, followed by Ireland at number five.

Besides Spain, other popular holiday destinations France and Italy also made the list.

France and its 176,000 British expats was seventh while Italy rounded up the top 10 with 65,000 Britons.

Italy is particularly popular with retirees, with a strong presence in most Italian regions.

There are 16 million retirees in Italy, proving the country is a great place to be for older expats.

Top 10 countries Britons move to

1. Australia

2. USA

3. Canada

4. Spain

5. Ireland

6. New Zealand

7. France

8. South Africa

9. Germany

10. Italy

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