The wanderlust-inducing images submitted to an annual photo contest

From the mesmerising ‘Game of Thrones trees’ to epic Monument Valley: The wanderlust-inducing images submitted to a prestigious annual photo contest

  • The 15 images are some of the entries so far in the travel and culture category of the 2021 Cewe Photo Award 
  • They include a beautiful image of the French city of Strasbourg and a sunset snap of the Acropolis in Athens 
  • Snappers have until May 2021 to enter the contest, which is one of the biggest photo contests in the world

If your wanderlust has fizzled out it’s not really surprising, given the circumstances.

But if you scroll down and take a peek at these stunning travel photographs the chances are it’ll be reignited.

They are presented here courtesy of Cewe, a photo book and online retailer, which runs one of the largest annual open photo competitions in the world.

The 15 images below are just some of the entries submitted so far in the travel and culture category in the 2021 edition of the contest.

They include an incredible shot of an avenue of beech trees in Northern Ireland – which will be instantly recognisable to Game of Thrones fans – a beautiful image of the French city of Strasbourg and an epic photo of the Acropolis in Athens captured at sunset.

Clare Moreton, a photo expert at Cewe UK, said: ‘It might be a few months more before we can travel in a more familiar way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy planning where we might go on our next trip, or looking back at the great memories made whilst travelling abroad.’

An avenue of ancient beech trees, known as the Dark Hedges, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, catches the morning sunlight in this stunning photo by Steve Allen. Game of Thrones fans might also know the location as Kingsroad

Photographer Ivan Banovic shot this jaw-dropping aerial image of Omis – a town in Croatia that is also known as the ‘town of pirates’ 

A picture-postcard scene captured by photographer Thierry Den Hartog of the river in Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg is the capital of the north-eastern Grand Est region

Colours collide in this summery shot by Kay Ludwig of Varadero Beach in Cuba. Tripadvisor named the beach as the ninth-best stretch of sand in the world in its ranking of the best beaches of 2020

The ancient citadel of the Acropolis in the Greek capital Athens is captured at sunset in this magical shot by Marius Godoi

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This serene scene was snapped at the Sheikh Sayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi by Christina Theuerkauf. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates

A horse and its rider in Monument Valley, Arizona, conjure up a scene from a Wild West movie in this photo by Meike Heidemann

Photographer Nicola Montfort snapped this candid shot of a gondolier in Venice stopping to taking a call on his phone

Daniel Mirisch is the photographer behind this stunning image, which shows a rainbow of colours lighting up the side of the Pont Valentre bridge in Cahors – a town in the south of France

Photographer Matej Kotula waited for the perfect moment to capture this snap, which shows the sun rising above the Slovakian capital of Bratislava

On the left is a beautiful scene captured by photographer Lorraine Yip. It shows the pagoda of Seigantoji standing next to Nachi no Taki, one of the tallest single-tiered waterfalls in Japan at 436ft (133 metres). On the right is a stunning image by Andreja Ravnak, which was shot during the famous Venice carnival. The carnival is best known for its show of elaborate masks

This charming image by Artur Pardo shows children gathering near a fish market in Manila, the capital of the Philippines 

Photographer Jonathan Gatzer is behind this mesmerising shot showing the sun setting in Zambia 

Boats rest on the beach of Praia do Sono in the east of Brazil on a canvas of sea spray and tropical vegetation, in an amazing photo snapped by Nico Barner

  • There are 10 categories in the Cewe Photo Award for budding photographers to enter. They range from aerial shots to animals and landscapes and entrants have until May 2021 to submit their photos for this year’s contest. For more information about the Cewe Photo Award visit 

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