The worst country for expats to relocate to – even for the ‘well-educated ones’

Boris Johnson 'needs to step up for British expats' says expert

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Expat Insider 2021 from InterNations has looked at the best and worst places for expats this year. And while where to move is a very personal choice, it will give Britons an idea of what countries are the best, and worst, to go to.

The results of the study may be controversial, with some popular countries for British expats making the worst list.

At the bottom of the ranking, at number 59, was Kuwait.

Surprisingly, it was followed by Italy.

The second worst country for expats, Italy may be a popular holiday destination, but it was apparently not so great for a more permanent move.

Expats were not happy with their financial situation and said what they made was not enough to cover their expenses.

One expat said: “Finding a job in Italy is not easy for foreigners, not even for the well-educated ones.”

Expats in Italy are dissatisfied with their careers and hate their jobs.

They also complained about the speed of Internet at home and the lack of options to pay without cash.

Expats were dissatisfied with their financial situation in the Mediterranean countries in the bottom 10 list.

Malta, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt joined Italy in the top 10 worst countries for expats.

While a life by the Med may be a dream for many, expats who have made the move weren’t particularly happy with their lives, at least not their working lives.

Another popular country to move to was Japan, but it also made the list of worst countries for expats.

Reports of racism and discrimination against foreigners abound.

This month, the US Embassy Tokyo tweeted: “The US Embassy has received reports of foreigners stopped and searched by Japanese police in suspected racial profiling incidents.

“Several were detained, questioned, and searched. US citizens should carry proof of immigration and request consular notification if detained.”

And user Baron Samedi said: “Absolutely true. Used to live in Japan. And while I wasn’t personally stopped, all my long-term expat friends were. You learn to live with it, they say, but it was annoying nonetheless.”

10 worst countries for expats

1. Kuwait

2. Italy

3. South Africa

4. Russia

5. Egypt

6. Japan

7. Cyprus

8. Turkey

9. India

10. Malta

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