‘There are some gems’ in the UK – explorer says ‘think outside the box’ for holidays

Aaron Rolph The Great Escape trailer

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British adventurer Aaron Rolph spent a month cycling 2,700km across Britain. Through ups and downs, a serious accident, bad weather and a pandemic, he made it from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

The Great Escape, his “Ultimate British Adventure”, had one key message: “Come and see these great spaces, which you’ll really be surprised [are in the UK].”

Aaron believes a lot of people underestimate the country and he was hoping to change perspective of what travelling around the UK could mean.

“Even my friends, who’ve seen me in all sorts of places in the UK, still say to me ‘I can’t believe that’s the UK’ and that’s really cool to hear”, he said about wanting to promote the country.

Aaron had some tips for Britons wanting to explore everything the UK has to offer.

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He said: “A big problem with travel in the UK is that you get these hotspots.

“The Lakes this summer have been crazy.

“And you get five places that probably you can name that are getting all the tourists.

“So just think outside the box, look at areas that you don’t know much about.”

For Britons who wish to go on a great British adventure, Aaron said it was possible, even without a month to spare.

He explained: “If people want to dream big, like we all do, you can easily break it down into smaller stages.

“You can make the most of a weekend and you can do so much if you pack it in. You can get on a train with a bike, it’s quite easy to do.”

He continued: “You could choose the journey that gets you excited and then split it into smaller chunks.

“Maybe one year you’ll do the first week and then next time you just keep going on that journey. Just don’t do [big trips] all in one go.”

After exploring the country for a month, Aaron also shared some of his favourite parts of the UK.

He said he was surprised by the South West: “A lot of the South West is packed full of really nice rolling hills, but the coastline is incredible.”

But one of his favourite legs of the trip was “either the South west, which is perfect for three to five days, or linking up the Peak District with the Dale and the Lakes.

“It’s an amazing combo. They kind of run into each other so you get maximum adventure for not too much of a distance.”

However, he also said that Scotland “never failed”.

He explained that one part of the journey he enjoyed tremendously was “going into the Highlands, Scotland.

“Around Fort Williams, I was able to do a big narrow ridge run, cycled around, climbed up Nevis, did a ski descent in June, which is pretty mad.

“And then the following day I was on the most amazing white sand beach with turquoise waters in Arisaig and all this happened in basically two days.

“The contrast was incredible.”

Whether Britons decide to go on a grand adventure, a short trip or a weekend away, the UK is home to some amazing sights and plenty of activity options.

As Aaron said: “There are some gems in there, think off the beaten track.”

The Great Escape documentary will be released soon.
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