Thieving monkey steals snap on student’s phone

A Malaysian student was delighted to have his stolen iPhone returned – though it seems the light-fingered thief could not resist taking a couple of selfies first. Taunting him in the recent photos was the face of the robber: a Macaque monkey.

Zackrydz Rodzi, 20, from Johur could not believe a monkey stole his phone until he saw the pictures. The phone which first went missing on Wednesday was taken while Zackrydz was sleeping.

The incident unnerved him as the brazen thief had broken into his bedroom where the device was charging, leaving the phone case behind.

When his father saw a monkey the next day, he launched a search in the jungle behind his house. Using his brother’s phone to call the device, he found it covered in mud under a palm tree. But a bigger surprise came when he checked his phone and found a series of monkey selfies and videos recorded in the phone.

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