‘This is another level’: Stewardess unveils ‘worst part’ of living on £100m luxury yacht

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Gema is a stewardess who has been living on a luxury superyacht based in the French Riviera for the last nine months. She unveiled the worst part of her job and claimed some of her duties are just “another level.”

Gema explained: “Every morning and thorough the whole day, we need to keep checking the yacht meticulously.

“We need to check everything is perfect, the cushions are in the exact position, check they haven’t moved one millimetre.

“Insignificant things that you probably don’t do at home, and maybe you don’t even realise.

“Fingerprints are also very important. Everything really has to be impeccable. Just as if no one was onboard,” she said.

“For me, the worst part is when people go to the bathroom,” she admitted.

“Every time someone needs to use the toilet, we need to go with them.

“You wait outside and as soon as they finish, you have to go in and rearrange everything they have used or touched.

“Every single detail. The loo roll with the diamond stuck on it… everything has to be perfect again,” Gema explained.

“The yacht has to be 24 hours just like if there were no people onboard.

“The owners spend a lot of money every day. Having the yacht here [in the French Riviera] cost them the same amount we get every month.

“Basically, every day they spend our salary just to keep the yacht here.

“So this has to be a service of not five, but seven stars. Just like the most luxurious hotel but on the water,” she explained.

“It’s a lot of work for us. We work 24 hours a day. We have to be watching them at all times.

“It’s better you anticipate what they need than them having to ask for it.”

She continued: “So if they smoke, for example, you have to have the ashtray ready for them as soon as they finish their meal.

“We basically have to watch them all the time but they don’t have to see you.

“So more than a stewardess I am more like a butler, really.

“But I personally like it. I get to meet people from other levels, millionaires…

“I would never meet these kind of people back home.”

Gema described some of her other duties as “another level” which include hiding other women’s clothes around the yacht “so the wife doesn’t see it.”

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