This Is the World’s Most Expensive Sheep — and It Just Sold for Almost Half a Million Dollars

Texel pedigree ram in field. Lancashire, UK.

This sheep clearly has some very fancy fleece.

According to The Guardian, a Texel sheep called Double Diamond sold for a record price for the breed at a livestock auction in Lanark, near Glasgow, Scotland. The sheep sold for £367,500 (about $492,000 USD). Three breeders apparently teamed up to pay for the expensive, six-month-old sheep.

Texels, a breed from an island off the coast of the Netherlands, aren’t just any typical sheep breed, though. According to Insider, the breed typically sells for five figures (though very rarely does one sell for six). “It’s just like every other business – horse racing or the cattle business. Every once in a while something special comes along and yesterday an extra special Texel turned up. Everyone wanted a piece of it,” said Jeff Aiken, one of the three breeders who purchased the sheep, to The Guardian.

According to Insider, the bidding began at £10,500 (about $14,000 USD) and quickly jumped up to its final price. Texels are known for their muscular build and lean meat, Insider reported.

“We knew it was going to be something really special. He was just an outstanding animal, backed up by all the best genetics. There was about seven or eight people who really, really wanted him and that's what led to the price,” Aiken told The Guardian.

Aiken runs a farm in Lancashire and will share ownership of Double Diamond with the two other sheep breeders who partnered with him for the sale, according to The Guardian. The two other breeders own farms in Ayrshire and Northumberland. The ram is expected to be put out to stud so as to breed with female sheep (dams). Not a bad life for a sheep.

Double Diamond fetched a record-setting price that was previously set by another Texel sheep called Deveronvale Perfection, who sold for £231,000 (about $308,000) in 2009, according to Insider.

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