Tourist explains how they avoid attracting pickpockets

Unfortunately tourists are often targets for pickpockets on holiday and it can be hard to avoid the thieves.

Pickpockets use a huge range of techniques and two were recently spotted spitting on tourists to distract them.

However, a traveller has taken to Reddit to share how they avoid attracting the attention of pickpockets.

Reddit user ‘HobbitFoot’ said: “I often find the scammers won’t pay attention to you if you don’t look like a tourist.

“Looking straight ahead while walking at a fast pace with a neutral to negative expression on your face? You probably aren’t a tourist.”

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Tourists may look confused if they can’t find their route and this could attract the attention of pickpockets.

Another Reddit user said: “This is good advice for travelling in a foreign city. Move. Even if you are completely lost, walk purposefully, a park bench, a quiet corner, a cafe.

“Then, grab your phone as if you got a message two minutes ago and quietly look up the Spanish word for ‘toilet’ while scowling at your screen.

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“Helplessness in cities tends to attract bad people. No one looks more helpless than the traveller swiping at his phone in panic, blocking the pavement.”

Using a phone’s GPS maps system might be a convenient way to get around but it could identify a tourist to pickpockets.

It’s a good idea to look up the route ahead of time so tourists don’t have to have their phone out all the time.

Tourists might also be identifiable through their clothing as people who live in hotter climates tend to wear warmer outfits.

However, if it’s impossible not to look like a tourist, travellers could make sure they’re carrying any valuables in a flat money belt.

A flat money belt can be concealed under clothing and is very hard for a pickpocket to spot or steal.

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