Travel expert shares booking trick where you can get an entire plane row

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A travel guru has revealed a hack to get yourself an entire row on a plane – and the chances are higher if you are travelling with a friend.

Chelsea Dickenson, who shares travel advice on, said the trick is not totally guaranteed but it's "great when it works".

The first tip is to check in as early as possible, she explains in an Instagram post.

"When selecting a seat, you're looking for a free row and book for a window seat and an aisle seat, leaving the middle seat in between you," she says.

"The theory here is that someone is much less likely to book a seat in between two strangers and they'll opt for another row.

"And even if they do book in the middle seat, you can ask them if they want the aisle or the window and it works out for every one."

The back of the plane works better as it's a less favourable choice, Chelsea adds and suggests that travellers look into booking row 13 because "a lot of people tend to think it's unlucky".

She tested it out on her flight from the UK to Corfu in Greece via British Airways.

The guru travelled with her friend James and boarded the plane later than usual, waiting until the cabin crew confirmed the boarding check was completed.

She said: "We bloody smashed it, so much space!"

Her advice left viewers divided as some said it's a good tip when taking long haul flights while others said it's a selfish act.

One said: "I did it last week for a night flight to Dubai with my seven-month-old. Made it a much nicer flight! Thanks for the tip!"

"Every time I fly I am tempted to do this, and every single time, I chicken out," another wrote.

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But a viewer blasted: "Also knowing how everyone else will hate you, especially families. I get why you'd do it but it's also fairly selfish, isn't it?"

Chelsea mentioned: "Obviously it won't work for all but those who do, it's a great hack!"

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