Travel series: How much does it really cost travel stars to fly around the world?

Ever wanted to be a travel star with your own show? Well, the likes of David Attenborough, Joanna Lumley and Bear Grylls have done it all with their own travel shows being a roaring success. But have you ever wondered how far they travel or how much it costs in flights?


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From city trips to safaris, Shearings has followed the footsteps of multiple infamous television travel stars by looking at how many countries they’ve been to, how many miles they have travelled and the total cost of their trips.

The company has also managed to analyse data from every series to work out what was the most expensive series they have featured in.

David Attenborough

David, 93, has become a national hero after presenting a multitude of programmes over the years.

His career began in the 1950s and has taken him to all seven continents, making him one of the most well-travelled TV travel hosts ever.

His voice has made him an icon with series on both the BBC and Netflix.

David has 45 TV titles, has taken 331 trips in total which could have cost £176,772 in flights over a lifetime and has travelled an impressive 1,918,950 miles.

Bear Grylls

Bear is a retired SAS soldier who has brought both high energy and military skills to the screen.

His career began in the early 2000s where he began showing people on TV how to survive in some of the world’s harshest environments.

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He has 12 TV titles which includes his most expensive series, Man vs Wild.

He has taken 154 trips and travelled 673,884 miles which cost an estimated £58,238 in flights.

Michael Palin

Although less renowned for his travel shows, Michael has had a successful career in travel television which includes his series, Around the World in 80 Days.

More recently, Michael journeyed to the communist country of North Korea where he attempted to uncover the nation’s secrets.

Michael has eight TV titles, has made 99 trips in total and travelled 153,764 miles.

His most expensive series was called Full Circle.

Simon Reeve

Simon’s career began in the early 2000s which saw people fall in love with his boyish charm and enthusiasm.

He spent the majority of his career in the Middle East where he travelled the Silk Road and explored Saudi Arabia.

He has 18 TV titles, made 112 trips abroad, travelled 307,519 miles and spent an estimated £45,207 of airline tickets.

His most expensive series was Tropic of Cancer which can be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

Joanna Lumley

Joanna has been a well-known star since the 1970s but made her first appearance as a documentarian in the early 1990s with a trip to Madagascar.

Like Simon Reeve, she has travelled the length of the Silk Road and covered the plight of Orangutans in Borneo.

She has 14 TV series, has travelled 144,339 miles and made 40 trips abroad which all cost an estimated £13,926 in flights.

Her most expensive series was Joanna Lumley’s Postcards which is available on Dailymotion.

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