Unique diner launches biscuit-coated beef burger that combines dessert and main

A Manchester diner known for creating unique dishes that combine sweet and savoury has now unveiled a biscuit-coated beef burger.

The unique Biscoff burger combines dessert and a main, a treat perfect for the ultimate cheat day.

Their tagline is "cheat day is every day" and offer: "A unique dining experience where your taste buds are pushed to the limit", 2Chill reports.

They certainly stay true to that idea by pushing the boundaries of what goes on a burger.

It's not just a light layer of biscuit on the burger, as the Biscoff burger is slathered in Biscoff spread on its seeded Brioche loaf, then stacked with cheesy beef patties and crushed Lotus biscuits, before finally being topped with a whole Lotus biscuit.

The burger was launched last month as an August special, but due to popular demand it is now available throughout September too.

Sweet Diner was established in 2015, and has expanded to a takeaway menu, and even other merchandise such as baseball caps, sweet spreads and dessert spoons.

Their menu includes other unusual creations, such as the burger named the Nutty chicken (that tried crossing the road) which has a peanut butter sauce, or the Leaning Tower of Geeza.

They even have a Man vs Food eating challenge.

A reviewer on TripAdvisor said: “The food was great, as dessert is my personal favourite, I highly recommend ordering one of each dessert-it's worth it and you'll thank me later.

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“Service was amazing-special thanks to Bilal who was super friendly and regularly checked up on us. Really appreciate it.”

This isn’t the first sweet burger the diner has created, following on from their ‘cheat day’ burger too, which includes Oreos, Nutella, strawberries, Kinder Bueno, and Biscoff sauce, all loaded inside a toasted brioche bun.

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