Venice travellers will have to pre-book as city ‘groans under weight of tourists’

Venice: Cruise ship ban is ‘evil’ says expert

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Famed for its historical sites, romantic gondolas and delicious food, Venice is at the top of many British tourists’ bucket lists. But the idyllic destination is set to become more difficult to visit as tourists will have to book an entry ticket for the city on an app.

City officials in Venice have announced that they are preparing a ticketed booking app for tourists.

Day visitors will have to pay between £2.58 and £8.59 and prices will vary on the time of year.

Guest entry will be controlled by an airport-style turnstile and if the number of tourists entering is too high, entry will be stopped.

The mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnano, announced he was aiming to make the city more sustainable.

Tourism in Venice has been the subject of a lot of debate in recent years as the city struggled to cope with the number of visitors.

The overcrowding led to a block on cruise ships entering Venice port, after UNESCO threatened to remove the city’s cultural status.

Venice locals have voiced their complaints about tourists in the city, calling the crowds “a plague” on the city.

Brugnano said: “ I have a duty to make this city liveable for those who inhabit it.”

The latest announcement on tourist controls has ignited debate on Twitter with many users supporting the move to limit entry.

One Twitter user said: “Venice has been a zoo for years now. Too many tourists all at once.”

Another argued that: “Venice is groaning under the weight of tourists.” They said the new restrictions “made sense”.

However, not everyone was in agreement. One user complained: “This new ripoff will ensure that tourists with brains will stay away.”

Another potential tourist said: “I won’t return to Venice if I have to go through a turnstile to enter the Piazza.”

Some argued that using a turnstile system would turn the romantic city into a theme park.

Anyone staying in Venice overnight will be exempt from the proposed tax as they will already have paid the overnight tax of £4.29 per day.

The new tourist restrictions are due to be implemented in Venice between next summer and 2023.

Before the pandemic, Venice was visited by about 25 million tourists a year.

Many of the city’s visitors were day-trippers from cruise ships who docked at Venice for one day of a longer trip.

City officials banned cruise ships after it was found the boats could be responsible for damage to the Venice lagoon as well as overcrowding in the city.

The Venice authorities have said they expect to face lawsuits and protests over the tourist limits but plan to proceed anyway.

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