WATCH: Shocking moment passenger rages at cabin crew ‘You’ll all be fired by midnight!’

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Flights can often result in tensions rising, with ‘air rage’ a common phenomenon. A video of one passenger’s anger on a plane has gone viral on social media. It was shared by Instagram account passengershaming.

The clip shows a man standing in the aisle of an aircraft in the USA.

He is understood to have been on a flight from Dallas to Tampa.

The flier – who looks to have been filmed covertly – is wearing his face mask under his chin.

The man, believed to be angry about a flight delay and the mask rule, shouts at cabin crew.

“I’ve been held hostage for 35 hours, have you?” he rages at the flight attendant.

“Okay, get the plane off the ground – get me home,” the man continues, jabbing an aggressive finger in the air.

He finishes with a strong threat.

“All of you guys will be fired by midnight. All of you,” he says, “You’re welcome.”

Passengershaming’s caption adds: “Prior to this exchange, the man was yelling expletives without a mask because our flight was delayed.

The Instagram account comments: “WASSSSSSOOOOHARD ABOUT MASKS ON PLANES??! You know it’s a thing before you board… (sic).”

Many social media users have been quick to share their thoughts on the video.

Most were horrified with the man and his attitude.

“Everyone knows there is a mask requirement. He obviously has an inflated sense of himself,” one person wrote.

“Such a fragile ‘man’ with a temper tantrum that suits his ego,” another said.

Some shared some advice with the irate flier.

“Bruh. Just drive if you’re that fragile,” one commented.

A second added: “He’s literally holding everyone on the plane hostage lmao bruh chilllllll just your mask on and take a nap (sic).”

However, some people supported him in the fight against masks.

“I love that guy! Resist the tyrrany of the Mask Nazis! (sic),” one Instagram user posted

“Masks are a joke,” another wrote.

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