‘Weird you have to pay to walk up hill’: Tourists complain about popular UK holiday spot

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London has lots of historical sights for tourists to visit when in the city. It also has new attractions constantly being introduced. One of these is Marble Arch Mound, a hill which opened up in the West End.

However, the latest attraction has been hit with mixed reviews.

The Mound, which opened in July and should be taken down in January 2022, has been hit with problems.

Within two days of opening, the artificial hill was closed.

Tickets for the Mound started at £4.50, but it has now been made free.

One holidaymaker commented: “[It is] weird you have to pay to walk up a hill”.

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The manmade hill was supposed to cost £3.3million, already a considerable sum.

The cost so far has been £6million, and the mound is still ongoing work.

For now, the attraction is open for free, and ticketholders have been refunded.

Marble Arch Mound is still not completely built, and the turf that covers it has already dried out.

All the issues have led to Britons commenting on the mound.

One person tweeted: “Stuck between ‘we should be furious at the waste of £6million on the marble arch mound’ and ‘the marble arch mound is the funniest f***ing thing I’ve seen all year’.”

Tourists and locals alike have shared their opinions.

Another Twitter user said: “I saw the marble arch mound today and honestly, I’m besotted and obsessed with how rubbish it is. it truly is a monument to 2021.”

The poster continued: “Everyone should go and see it.

“The pictures don’t fully communicate how cr*p it is – you have to be there to really take in the disappointment.”

Someone replied: “Yes, remarkably s**t. Almost worth the money for that.”

Another person tweeted: “It’s a terribly pointless hill.”

While the social media user would have preferred a new bridge: “The Marble Arch mound is so funny, and, sorry, I’m going to say it, it makes me wish they’d built the Garden Bridge.”

Another joked: “Pretty sure I could have done the Marble Arch Mound for about 80 quid with a bit of painted cardboard.”

However, others enjoyed their time at the new attraction.

One posted on Twitter to say they had a “lovely day” up the hill.

Another simply added: “I like the Marble Arch mound.”

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