What It’s Like to Be Part of the Cruise Planners Family

In the travel industry, many travel advisors around the United States choose to work remotely, whether they run a business completely on their own, are a part of a host agency or are a franchise owner.

Being part of a larger team, though, allows for advisors to have access to so much more than they’d have on their own.

For example, Cruise Planners prides itself on having some of the best tools and programs, highlighting the five pillars of success: technology, marketing, business development coaching, training and the people and culture that make up its team.

The last pillar is what the company believes to be its number one asset, as the people that make up this company not only have a passion for travel but a passion for helping others.

The travel advisors that make up the Cruise Planners team often refer to themselves as a family. They prefer to work together instead of being in competition with each other.

“That feeling of connection and support is paramount,” Janice Sinardi, a Cruise Planners franchise owner, explains. “I have made life-long friends and peers who I respect and learn from all the time. [CEO and Founder] Michelle [Fee], [COO] Vicky [Garcia] and the team at Home Office are true professionals who make me feel that they care about what I do and give me the tools to support my business to grow and succeed. Dedication, honesty, professionalism and a true passion for this industry are words that come to mind when people ask me why I love being a Cruise Planner.”

Sinardi, along with a nearby advisor, Andrea Campbell, created Tampa Area Travel Advisors or “TATAs.” With more than 50 Cruise Planners advisors in this area, Sinardi and Campbell had an idea of bringing everyone together in order to collaborate and learn from each other.

The group hosts lunch and learns and evening events, shares tips and tricks with each other, travels together and coordinates vendor trainings and information sessions.

“Knowledge is power,” according to Sinardi, and she explains that she’s “never worked for a company that invested in our interests so unselfishly.”

The Cruise Planners home office team is easily accessible and 100 percent dedicated to helping its team of travel advisors. They are not only there to provide resources but to form meaningful relationships and ensure the advisors feel as though they are part of a family.

Franchise owner Carolyn Rybnikar joined Cruise Planners from another franchise for many reasons, but one of the biggest attractions was the level of support and the sense of family.

“With the other franchise I felt a little alone and isolated,” Rybnikar says. “But with Cruise Planners, I have a dedicated coach who understands my personal goals and is a big part of helping me grow my business. I love my coach and feel very connected to the Cruise Planners family.”

Cruise Planners also has a private Facebook group, a place for advisors to share ideas, recommendations and helpful advice.

This resource is helping now more than ever before, as advisors share useful, relevant information such as cancelation policies, how to handle client questions, success stories, advice on what is currently working and how to file for small business loans, among other helpful tools.

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