You can buy people’s lost luggage online including £10k jewellery and watches

Losing luggage is undoubtedly everyone's worst nightmare when they jet off on holiday, but it seems that some people don't even bother claiming their lost suitcases.

The Unclaimed Baggage Center, located in Alabama, sells travellers' misplaced items.

And they've even launched an online shop!

The US store has long been a destination for people who are keen to find a bargain from the abandoned suitcases.

Located in the tiny town of Scottsboro, which has a population of 14,000, it is an unlikely tourist hotspot.

The store is full of misplaced possessions taken from tens of thousands of suitcases, rucksacks and duffel bags, all lost on commercial flights across the US.

You can visit the megastore from your laptop thanks to the new online shop, which has been launched as part of their 50th anniversary.

And if you're thinking it's probably full of pointless, random items – then you would be wrong.

You can find everything from clothing to electronics, with current items on sale including designer dresses costing £890 and diamond bracelets being sold for over £6,766.

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They also have a weird and wonderful section which ranges from gold necklaces and diving equipment to designer gowns and signed memorabilia.

Legally, airlines have a duty to reunite luggage with their owners within 90 days, but if that fails, bags end up at the centre.

This means the Unclaimed Baggage Center has around one million items on sale at any time, with 7,000 new items added to the shop floor every day.

However, not everything is sold.

A third of items go to charity and certain items such as underwear is thrown away.

Brenda Cantrell, the store’s brand ambassador, said: "Less than 0.5% of all lost luggage fails to make it back to its owners, but that’s still thousands of bags every year.

"And the vast majority of those make their way here. We have exclusive contracts with all the major US carriers, making us the only store of this kind anywhere in the country."

The store’s website explains where the bags come from, saying: “Airline passengers waiting for their bags upon arrival are almost certain to see them riding atop the bag carousel.

“That’s because airlines use sophisticated tracking technology to reunite over 99.5% of bags with their owners right away.

“If a bag is truly lost, airlines pay out a claim to the passenger. It’s only after an extensive three-month search that an unclaimed bag is deemed truly orphaned, a fate realized by less than 0.03% of all checked luggage! That’s where we come in."

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