‘I always skip the queue at cruise buffets – other passengers should thank me’

A cruise passenger has argued that skipping the queue at the ship's buffet can actually be beneficial to everyone.

While we Brits know the power of a well organised queue, it seems one holidaymaker doesn't think it's an efficient system. A cruise ship buffet is always busy, and the etiquette is that you grab a plate, join the queue and work your way around the sections. However, one person says they prefer to skip straight to the food they want – even if it means going ahead of others.

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Taking to Reddit they explained: "There are a variety of choices and different sections to the buffet. I’m not waiting for the person in front of me to go through the pasta, salad, hot dishes etc. just to finally get to the section that I’m actually getting food from. Nope. I will happily skip right in front of them to grab food. When everyone waits their turn you end up with one person getting food and multiple others just standing there. Go around the stopped person and keep it moving."

Of course skipping the line is highly unlikely to make you popular with fellow passengers, especially if you end up grabbing the last of the chips or pizza slices.

However, it appears the holidaymaker isn't alone in their thinking. Another person added: "Yes, it seems to flow better when treated as stations and most are set up that way anyway."

Do you think it makes more sense to skip the queue and treat the buffet as sections? Let us know in the comments below.

Cruise buffet etiquette can be quite the source of debate. One passenger was recently slammed for having a 'tacky' buffet habit after they asked if they could simply take some of the food with them off the ship.

They took to Reddit to ask if the move was acceptable – and it didn't go down well. They wrote: "Are we allowed to fill our personal plastic containers with buffet food? We will be leaving the ship and exploring but want to take food from the ship and pack it for later during the day while we are out exploring."

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"Wow. I can't think of anything more tacky, quite honestly," one angered passenger replied. "Take a box of granola bars on the cruise with you if you must, for when hunger strikes and food is nowhere to be seen, but practices like this are EXACTLY why Venice stopped allowing cruise ships to dock in their ports.

"Passengers would come off the ship, bring a picnic, tour the sights, leave their garbage in the city, spend as little money as they could get away with, and sail off leaving the city more worn than it was before without really doing much to contribute to or take part in the amazingness of the city."

It's worth noting that in some destinations, it's against the law to bring fresh fruit and vegetables ashore from cruise ships – always check the rules before you head on your holiday.

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