Beautiful seaside village so breathtaking it inspired famous classic novels

This beautiful little seaside village is home to a sandy paradise which connects the mainland to a quirky little island where a famous author wrote some classic novels. 

For those still fancying one last getaway before winter sets in, you wouldn’t be doing much wrong by sampling the sights, scents and sounds of this quintessentially English village. 

Bigbury-on-Sea has grown in popularity over the years, from its humble beginnings where it housed just a few fishermen’s cottages with fish cellars. 

It is known for its sandy beach – South Devon’s largest – where visitors kayak, windsurf, or simply relax and soak it all in. 

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A long sand bar links Bigbury-on-Sea to the famous Burgh Island, where children can run about on its vast expanses and families go on walks around the craggy terrain. 

A game of tennis is also recommended, and you can gaze out at the stunning Celtic Sea from Fisherman’s Lookout – or simply relax in the 14th Century Pilchard’s Inn.

It’s also home to the catchy art deco-style Burgh Island Hotel, where Agatha Christie spent many a night.

Thought to be the inspiration to her novels And Then There Were None, and Evil Under the Sun, the hotel has been home to some famous visitors, including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and the Beatles. 

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At high tide, you can’t walk between the island and the mainland, meaning you have to use a rather unique transport method – the sea tractor. The current tractor dates back to 1969 (although previous editions were used since 1930) and involves the wheels rolling on the seafloor while people sit just above the water. 

“It’s so fun! It takes you across the sand as the tide is coming in so it goes through the water. It is quite sturdy and has massive wheels but it’s such a cool experience,” explained Izzy, who lives in nearby Plymouth. 

“I love going to Bigbury as it’s such a welcoming place and also so beautiful.”

The nearest big town to Bigbury is Plymouth, which is a 50-minute drive away. Known for its gorgeous Plymouth Hoe stretch and newly promoted Championship football club, you can get the ferry to various places in Europe, like Santander and Roscoff. 

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