I'm a flight attendant, but I hate my job – it's like a cult

Flight attendant sounds off about the dark side of her ‘draining’ job in the skies – admitting she feels like she’s in ‘a CULT’ and branding her work as ‘borderline modern slavery’

  • The anonymous crew member vented about her job on Reddit 
  • She griped about the long hours, inconsiderate passengers, and senior staff
  • Other flight attendants commiserated with her in the comments  

A flight attendant has opened up about the dark side of working in the friendly skies, saying she hates everything from the long hours to the inconsiderate passengers. 

The anonymous crew member, who is known only as u/hopelessromanceless on Reddit, vented about her dissatisfaction with the demanding job and the airline that she works for in the r/flightattendants forum. 

‘Does anyone else feel like this job is such a joke sometimes? It sometimes feels like I’m in a bit of… a cult?’ she began her lengthy post. 

She noted that she was ‘aware that some people absolutely love’ being a part of the flight crew and would ‘not relate’ to her complaints at all. 

An anonymous flight attendant vented about how much she hates her job on Reddit, saying it feels like she is in a ‘cult’ (stock image)

The crew member didn’t name her airline, but she griped about the long hours, the inconsiderate passengers, and the petty senior staff

The flight attendant added that wasn’t looking for someone to convince her to leave her job because she didn’t have another one lined up and needed the money. 

‘I’m just so tired of this job. I’ve just come back from a 14-hour flight, and even before I left the hotel room for the return sector, I was so over it I wanted to cry,’ she said.

The woman noted that worked ‘relatively demanding jobs’ in high school and college, saying she used to be a waitress and retail associate. 

‘I thought I’d be able to handle it, but none of them have drained me this badly or made me actually cry because of them,’ she admitted. 

She didn’t name the airline she works for, but she did accuse the company of ‘borderline modern slavery.’ 

The crew member gave the example of calling off sick, saying it would lead to meetings with her manager and an internal investigation about ‘why’ she was ill.

‘As if they come from Mars and never experienced having a human body themselves,’ she griped. 

Not only did she feel mistreated by her employer, but she was also sick of the ‘long hours being yelled at by at least one inconsiderate f**k each flight.’ 

Many commenters agreed with her, and while some were still struggling, others shared how they learned to cope with the demands of the job

She noted that she didn’t even have the option of venting with her colleagues. 

‘You don’t work with the same people, so you don’t even get to make regular friends naturally,’ she explained. ‘[You] have to make a lot of mutual effort to maintain a relationship.’

She added that some of the crew members are ‘insufferable’ and ‘just so into this company’ because of the clout they get online. 

‘I’m just so tired. I feel so out of place in this company and with this job, and I’m so frustrated that I get treated like s**t by some of the seniors even though I work my butt off and keep a smile on my face no matter how tough it gets,’ she continued. 

She claimed that she had senior crew members report her for small infractions that weren’t safety hazards and make a ‘huge hassle out of it.’ 

The flight attendant concluded that she was just looking to let off some steam and encouraged others to share their own complaints. 

Many commenters agreed with her, and while some were still struggling, others shared how they learned to cope with the demands of the job. 

‘The job is generally crap when you look OVERALL. But the benefits and time off once you become a line holder, make this one of the best jobs. If you don’t mind eating ramen for 7 years till you make a livable salary,’ one person responded. 

‘I just recently started in this career and I’m trying to understand why everyone loves it so much,’ another added. ‘I applied for the sake of having a job, it wasn’t my dream or anything. I’m trying to see [if] it’s worth being away from my family. I’ve missed out on Friendsgiving and birthdays this week just to have a layover in Ohio all alone. I’m trying to push though for now.’

‘The only reason I stay is for the benefits and time off. I’ve been off for almost 2 weeks. Otherwise, the job can get to you if you let it,’ someone else shared. ‘I go to work. Work and go home. I don’t make it more than that. Sounds harsh, but it’s ultimately how I was before I even started working for my airline, so it worked itself out. I’ve done some crying here and there.’ 

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