‘I’m a hotel expert – you can check if you’ve got the best room before you book’

Going on holiday means plenty of relaxation, treats and a rest – often while staying in the sunshine. But, a great holiday can be let down by a less than impressive room.

Of course, we can't all afford a luxury suite or even a sea view when booking online. However, it seems that there are several ways that you might be able to get a free upgrade or a better price on a nicer room.

Those looking to experience a room that would usually be out of their price range might get lucky if they're willing to put a little extra effort in. We spoke to Matt Hendry, Booking Manager at Sanctum, to find out his top tips for upgrades and better rates.

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If you’re looking to book the best room in the house or perhaps just fancy an upgrade, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. But it’s important to remember that any upgrade will be at the establishment’s discretion.

Getting an upgrade

Matt explained to Daily Star: "First things first, being polite really does go a long way. Not just that but the way you word your requests can also be the difference between success and failure.

"Instead of dictating a list of your needs and wants, a general and cordial expression of interest is more likely to work with staff who are in charge of allocating rooms. Try to frame them as polite questions instead of demands and always be respectful whatever the outcome of the situation."

Getting the best rates

"Wherever possible you should also book directly with the property," said the expert. "This is because not only are you likely to get the best rates but you can also include any specific requests which will be sent directly to the property. It’s also easier to speak directly with staff, including a manager who may be able to help you with your requests.

"I would advise that any confirmation should be in writing just so you can be sure that you’ll receive anything you’ve requested when you do arrive. You may find that not all properties take direct bookings, especially those larger names who prefer to outsource this, but you could always give them a quick call to see if you are able to book directly."

Finding the best rooms

Matt added: "It also pays to read online reviews and feedback. Not only is this a great way to find out about the overall guest experience but often customers will write about specific rooms and floors which provide the best experiences. They may also mention upgrades as well as whether they asked for an upgrade or were rewarded with it at check-in.

"You may even want to reference these reviews when booking, for example explaining that you read that floor five offers the best coastal views so would appreciate being on that floor."

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