Inside the lavish £82k cabins on epic world cruise sailing to 147 countries

Going on a cruise is a luxury holiday many Brits dream of, but far from just a week or two on the seas it turns out that some cruise lines offer much longer leases. A cruise of the world – hitting 147 countries in 425 ports – has cabins to buy for a whopping £82,0000.

Shockingly, the expensive cabin isn’t even the most expensive one as the live-in cabins cost up to a whopping £205,120. The cruise works a bit like a high-end housing estate which floats on the water and lets you see the world…

We took a look at the Villa Vie Residences which is selling cabins on its world cruise ship that’s to set sail in May 2024. Those who buy the cabins can choose to stay on-board for sections of the cruise – some are 35 days and others 120 days – with the cost ranging from £73pp per day.

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The various segments of the cruise include an 87-day cruise across Northern Europe stopping at 22 countries, a 47-day cruise to 'Greenland and Beyond', with stops in Quebec, New York City and Miami, an 83-day cruise in the Caribbean stopping at 23 countries, and a 127-day cruise in South America, stopping in 11 countries.

Those wanting to head east can enjoy a 69-day tour of Australia and Bali stopping in five countries, a 51-day cruise around India, Sri Lanka, a 95-day tour of Japan and the Philippine Sea visiting 11 countries, and Malaysia, and a 68-day cruise along the coast of Africa visiting 15 countries.

If you chose to spend the entire itinerary on board you’d be looking at a 1,301 day world voyage – that’s three and a half years in total. But it’s not just the incredible cruise stops that you’re getting access to. On-board, those who buy the pricy cruise cabins will also have access to the restaurants, pools, hot tubs, fitness centre and gym, not to mention the spa, golf simulator, cooking classes, live entertainment and library.

Those cruisers who need to work while sailing can head to the modern business hub which even has private offices you can work in. It’s a digital nomad's dream!

The cabins – which Villa Vie says are "floating havens" – come in three sizes, but all have a queen-sized bed and private bathroom. However, they are different based on their balconies and windows.

Those who want to be permanent passengers can spend £82,000 on an inside villa with a virtual window and 180sq ft of space, while those with more cash can splash £123,090 on an Oceanview Villa which has a number of real windows and the same amount of living space.

Those who want the most luxury should get the Balcony Villa which has 200sq ft of indoor space and a 60sq ft balcony with room to sit, relax or eat breakfast. The cost of the nicest villa is a whopping £205,120… at least.

While on the cruise you will also have to pay £1,441 a month per person. This is to cover onboard food and drinks, services like housekeeping and medical support plus a laundry service.

As guests will be buying their cabins they’re able to sell them off again. Alternatively, they can rent them out to holidaymakers, live full-time in the rooms or have friends and family on board – they just need to pay port fees. People can also choose just to travel on the cruise on a pay-as-you-go service like a regular cruise. The cost will depend on the room type and the number of nights you stay. You can find out more on

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