‘Wonderful’ National Trust garden is alive with ‘autumn colour’

With the leaves falling, it’s the perfect time to get out in the UK and admire some of the country’s prettiest autumn scenes.

This year, the National Trust is encouraging Britons to enjoy the autumn spectacle in the UK and many of its sites have incredible gardens to explore.

In Wales, Dyffryn Gardens is one of the country’s best locations to see autumn colour and this year visitors will be in for a truly global spectacle.

A set of botanical gardens in the Vale of Glamorgan, Dyffryn was once named as one of the Top 100 Gardens in the UK.

Chris Flynn, head gardener at Dyffryn Gardens, said: “The late blast of heat we saw in September after cooler weather in July and August came just at the right time to give autumn colour a much-needed boost.

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“Although this year’s weather conditions may mean the show is not as flashy as a few years ago, autumn colour will be everywhere and the season is likely to last longer than usual because we didn’t have a hot summer, with some flowering plants continuing to flower all the way into November.

“Dyffryn is truly a ‘global garden’, with trees and plants from all over the world and many weird and wonderful things to explore.

“Our acers from Japan always deliver with their stunning deep-red colour during autumn, while our Asian Stewartia bring out luminous orange hues and our oaks add golden touches to the landscape, making our gardens an ideal place for visitors to immerse themselves in nature.

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“My personal favourites are also our Persian ironwood trees, whose leaves gain a kaleidoscope effect during autumn as they go deep purple to almost black to bright orange, all on the same plant.

“These fascinating trees also have a long colouring period, which means they are a steady companion for visitors coming to see the gardens throughout the season.”

The National Trust has warned that gardeners and rangers across the UK are concerned about the ongoing legacy of extreme weather over the years.

Last year’s drought and dry winter affected many of the trees, leaving them with signs of stress all over the UK.

The National Trust also shared a gorgeous spot in Northumberland where the autumn colours are likely to be particularly spectacular.

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