I work in Lapland – what 'once in a lifetime' opportunity is like

I work in Lapland – this is what this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity is like

  • Travel blogger Lucy Blair has shared her start to life as an overseas tour guide
  • She was immediately struck by the conditions with eyelashes turning to icicles

A travel blogger is sharing her unique experience of the Arctic Circle on a five-week journey as a tour guide in Lapland, Finland. 

Lucy Blair has been documenting the start of her ‘once in a lifetime’ stint in preparation for the holiday season.

In the winter months, the northern region of Finland gets just two to four hours of sunlight and can experience temperatures as low as -40 degrees (Celsius).

Beginning her journey in mid-November, Lucy posted to TikTok: ‘A few months ago I had never even heard of Lapland but when I got offered this job I though it was just a once in a lifetime opportunity to go and experience something completely different.’

She was immediately struck by the conditions with the secluded environment playing havoc with allergies and freezing temperatures turning eyelashes into icicles. 

Lucy Blair (left) has been documenting the start of her ‘once in a lifetime’ five-week stint in preparation for the holiday season in Lapland, Finland, which can see temperatures fall as low as -40C

The travel blogger is working as an overseas rep at Arctic Sauna World (pictured) – a role which involves entertaining the festive tourists including by giving tours

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To demonstrate the lengths required to fend off the cold, Lucy shared the seven-minute dressing routine which she goes through to prepare herself for the day.

On top of your standard thermal leggings and a top go some more heavy-duty thermals, another pair of fleeced leggings and a fleecy top, and then a snowsuit.

The outfit is completed by snow boots, an ear-warmer and snood. 

The Aussie travel enthusiast is working as an overseas rep at one of the region’s many resorts – Arctic Sauna World.

‘It was so exciting,’ she said, ‘it’s a really, really remote resort based on a frozen lake with saunas around.’

But before moving in to her new home, Lucy and all the other seasonal guides are given a crash course in all things Lapland before the holiday season is in full flow.

The role involves showing round and entertaining holiday makers who have made the trip to experience the unique environment, search for Santa Claus and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Extra hands are needed at this time of year, with last December seeing record numbers of tourists in Lapland according to Statistics Finland, with 556,805 overnight stays recorded – 80 per cent of which came from foreign tourists.

As well as brushing up on local knowledge, preparation involves creating ‘reindeer dust’ and mock passports for their younger visitors.

Hammering home quite how cold it is, Lucy shared a clip of her and her friend getting dressed for a day in the snow. The seven-minute routine involved putting on three warm layers under a snowsuit

Last December saw a record number of visitors to Lapland in a single month, with 556,805 overnight stays recorded

One of Lapland’s main attractions is the opportunity to see the Northern Lights (stock photo above)

Lucy also had to learn a welcome speech and some Christmas carols, which are not the same from one side of the world to another judging from the Queensland native’s first attempt at Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

There is still plenty of time for the seasonal employees to enjoy themselves though, with the group of 20-somethings all holed up together in shared accommodation and with enough free time to enjoy their own snow-shoeing, sledging and ice-skating excursions.

And one night a week, the local pub opens to make the most of the long winter nights and give people time to unwind and get that universal clubbing experience. 

The rest of the evenings tend to end with Lucy and her new colleagues unwinding in one of the resort’s many saunas.

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