‘Sticky Vicky was groundbreaking – she changed what party tricks could be’

A comedian and entertainer who met Sticky Vicky has spoken about the "lovely" dancer and her contribution to the town in the wake of her passing.

Best known for her extreme show where she pulled ping-pong balls, machetes and more out of her vagina, Vicky sadly passed away at the age of 80 last week on November 29 from heart failure. Local Benidorm residents and business owners have been sharing their favourite memories, calling for a memorial and praising Vicky’s contribution – and are backing the Daily Star's campaign to get a Benidorm plaque in her honour.

Comedian Gary Powndland, who posts on Twitter @powndland, shared a touching tribute to Sticky Vicky online – and shared some of his intimate memories with us here at the Daily Star. Gary has met Vicky about five times – and says she’s "lovely" and "unique".

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The comedian praised Vicky’s show which combined gymnastics, illusion and a rather rude reveal! He told the Daily Star: "Vicky’s show was unique. There was nothing like it in the world. Before Vicky came along women’s party tricks usually just included a sing song with their husbands patronisingly clapping along.

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"Vicky was a ground-breaker and she changed the idea of what women’s party tricks could be. I only heard of one other woman who had an act similar to hers and it was a lady in Atlantic City in the US. She was earning a lot of money though and the mob decided they wanted a piece of the action. I’m glad Vicky’s audience were drunk Brits abroad and not Al Capone types."

He added: "I met Sticky Vicky about five times altogether. She was lovely and when not working preferred to be called Vicky.

"My sister Tash worked as security for her for a brief period in the 90s. Vicky was great fun but during downtime she would relax by watching the Brideshead Revisited VHS boxset and her show was certainly unique.

"Not many people know this but our friend had a hardware store for expats in Benidorm and that’s where she got a lot of her props from. He sold everything and funnily enough his shop was called Ken’s Bits which made me laugh as the owners name was Dave."

In the wake of Vicky – real name Victoria María Aragüés Gadea – passing away, Gary thinks there should be a plaque or statue erected in her honour. Anyone who agrees can sign our petition below as the Daily Star fights to get Vicky a blue plaque in Benidorm.

Gary commented: "I’m very saddened to hear of her passing as our trips to Benidorm will never be the same. She had an incredible impact on Benidorm and the entertainment industry but most importantly she changed what people thought of British ex pats.

"I don’t think a plaque in her honour would be enough. I think a statue would be better but if you just had a statue of her dressed in her normal clothes people wouldn’t recognise her but I can’t imagine them commissioning a statue of her lying on her back with her legs in the air so who knows?"

Sticky Vicky’s daughter, Maria, who has taken over the show also agrees that her mum deserves a "great tribute". She told the Daily Star that she backs the campaign, describing her mother as a "great artist, a fighter, an innovator – she is a legend".

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