Model slammed for sexy photoshoot in ‘death trap’ where tourists are banned

An Instagram model has been criticised after uploading a series of sexy photos online. The beautiful internet star flaunted her figure while swimming in an off-limits cave in the Canary Islands.

Marina Rivera Saldaña, from Spain, is a popular influencer with a massive 1.9million followers on Instagram, @_riverss_ and many more on TikTok. The young woman – also known as Marina Rivers – frequently shares attractive snaps from around her beautiful country and abroad.

However, while she pulls in compliments on most of her snaps some of her latest have proven controversial. Marina headed to the Canary Islands – which are a Spanish community off the coast of Africa.

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But, instead of showing off her gorgeous white bikini and sun-drenched skin from the many beaches and bays she decided to head to the famous El Tancón cave located in Santiago del Teide. The cave, in Tenerife, is widely known for being deadly.

On Saturday September 2, Marina showed herself in a white bikini top and green bottoms and plenty of jewellery posing on the rocks and pouting at the camera. In one snap she showed off her peachy behind while swimming in the cave’s blue water.

"I’m a little mermaid from Makoo," Saldaña wrote in the caption of the photo. In other images, she gave her camera a sultry stare with the cave in the background.

The beautiful photos would normally garner thousands of likes – but the dangerous setting was too much for many of the influencer’s fans. In fact, El Tancón is a forbidden area for tourists.

As of 2021, the New York Post reports that six people have lost their lives in the cave. The natural chimney-esque formation of the cave – known as a "bufadero" – and its unpredictable, strong currents make it challenging for rescue teams to access, states Tenerife Weekly.

Comments on the influencer’s photos clearly protested her using the cave for a photoshoot. One person said: "The danger is real. It is not a swimming area, whether at low or high tide. It is a bufadero (natural chimney) where many people have lost their lives."

Another added: "Bathing is forbidden there. We are sick of tourists that don’t respect our land."

A local said: "Where you take those photos is forbidden access, apart from that it is a protected means, it is also closed to the public for danger since people have died there. Seems like you do it for attention […] You should apologise."

"That place is a death trap for those who dare to bathe," another noted. "Three people have died between 2020 and 2021, in addition to numerous crashes that left minor injuries. Such a dangerous place should not be advertised."

Many seemed to worry that her swim in the cave would encourage other tourists to go to the dangerous spot. In 2021, Swiss Jasmine Ben Ali, 33, and Giovanni Rodríguez, 27, from Italy, both drowned in the cave pool.

In 2017, an unidentified 30-year-old British tourist died after getting swept out to sea while walking past El Tancón.

Federico Linares head of the Volunteer Firefighters of Santiago del Teide told Tenerife Weekly: "Six people have died there in four years, but there have also been innumerable rescues that could end in tragedy, because when the sea is calm it looks like a puddle, but any change in currents or in times of spring tides is a very dangerous place."

He added that it "is not a puddle or a natural pool as is often sold on the Internet, but a very dangerous bufadero due to currents and because when the tide rises it sucks everything it finds in that hole, it engulfs you and you cannot escape".

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