Couple slam ‘decrepit relic of a hotel’ in UK full of ‘forlorn-looking guests’

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    A couple who visited the worst rated hotel in Llandudno, Wales, claim there was only one thing that redeemed their horrible stay. The pair complain of loud guests, drafty windows, a lack of heating and no breakfast – but say the staff were doing their best.

    Dr Anna Billings, 69, and partner Stephen Hardy, 72, booked The Grand Hotel believing that the name and location by the historic pier would mean it was a good choice for their staycation. However, it appears they didn’t check its reviews – or its ranking at the bottom of TripAdvisor’s list of hotels in the area.

    The Grand Hotel remains in its lavish looking building on the seafront, but its owner brand –Britannia – comes bottom in the Which? Annual league tables, reports NorthWales Live.

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    Anna and Stephen apparently thought that the hotel’s name and location made it a prime spot for their seaside stay to visit an elderly aunt. Unfortunately, their one night’s stay was ruined by the hotel’s downfalls they say.

    In a review of their trip, Anna said: "Our room was basic but clean and we had a good view of the bay. The wind was whistling in through the doors onto the balcony and we began to feel chilly as we cooled off after our walk.

    "We attempted to turn the radiators on with no success and as we became even colder my husband went down to reception to ask for assistance. He was informed that the central heating would not be switched on until 7.30pm but was offered a stand alone heater, which he accepted.

    "Some considerable time later the heater had not arrived so we chased it up and it was brought to our room. With the high ceilings and draughty windows it fought to heat some air around our two chairs. There was no way we were going to change for the evening meal – it was simply too cold. I was still wearing a jumper and trousers, padded gilet and scarf and decided to shed the scarf but keep everything else on for the meal.

    "We went in search of a drink at the bar to find it unattended. So we hung around and went in search of a bar man when no one turned up. We asked politely if the music could be turned down, there only being four folk in the lounge including us, but he said the 70s music had been particularly requested, turned it up and left the bar again."

    Heading to the dining room which turned out to be a "chilly room" with a "meagre choice" that "looked unappetising", Anna said they began to talk to other visitors. She added: "Some forlorn-looking guests had helped themselves to tea from an urn at the end of the meal and were hanging around chatting. There was a common theme in the talk: they were cold, there was no shower gel in the dispenser in their en-suites (we had none). There was certainly no shampoo or conditioner. The meal was 'shocking'. They were fed up and disappointed."

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    She added: "Thankfully, we only had to survive one night in the dismal accommodation that went by the name of The Grand Hotel but these holidaymakers had saved up for a treat and were stuck with a gross misrepresentation of the on-line description of a 'Premier dining room (with) a delicious carvery' (Closed) and the 'main restaurant ….with a more informal dining atmosphere' – you’re telling me. School dinners in the 1950s spring to mind.

    "We retreated upstairs to experience the warmth of the radiator post 7.30pm. We waited in vain and crawled into bed leaving the pathetically inadequate oil-filled radiator to do battle with the sea breeze from the ill-fitting fitting balcony doors. We would have drawn the curtains too but so many hooks had parted company with the rings on the curtain track that they would not meet anywhere near the middle."

    While their experience was less than inviting, the couple say there was one redeeming feature – the staff. Anna explained: "From the general manager to the maintenance engineer and the canteen staff they really did the best to handle, if not solve, the flood of complaints that deluged them from all quarters. Britannia Hotels, that run this decrepit relic of better times would do well to give them all a pay rise. They deserve it."

    Britannia Hotels have been asked comment by Daily Star.

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